First off – Eat Real Food First !

I strive to always eat fresh food before I worry about supplementing my food intake .

There is always room for improvement however and sometimes we need a little boost , so long as we are not relying on man made products as our main source of nutrition.

So here is what I take for my supplements !


Pre Workout

I Love Love Love my Vega Sport products ! I use the Sugar Free Energizer during my workouts , it has 10 functional ingredients and only 5 calories per serving to help me power through a workout! Fyi – it’s plant based too .
I also use the Vega Sport Hydrator on my long runs for my electrolyte consumption .

When doing a heavy lifting session I like to stay hydrated by BCAA’s

This BCAA Features HICA to Support Lean Mass and Strength Gains and Decrease Training Induced Muscle Soreness.

Now onto recovery !

I always use BSN Syntha 6 post workout , I drink a shake mixed with water as soon as I’m done a workout.

I do use Vega Sport Protein occasionally as well as GNC egg protein.

Vega Sport protein bars are a great part of my day! I keep these everywhere , my car my purse my pockets! I will eat one for breakfast on route to the gym – plant based and delicious!

I also really enjoy ItWorks greens product. You simply mix into a bottle of water and bang nutrients delivered to your body! It helps lower acidity and balance out PH . So easy and tasty.

I also take a multivitamin daily , B12 shots every 2 weeks ( have too with WLS) and I also use MCT oil in my coffee.
Since starting LiveFit the program says to take in a daily dose of Flax Seed oil as well . Doing that !

So these are just a few of the things I use to help better my body .

Are you a user of supplements?

* I am not sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands. All feedback is based solely on my own personal experience with the products .

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