This run tonight was a tough one , not physically but mentally . My lil one met up with me as I started my run and she wanted me to come home because she hasn’t seen me all day . She was at a sleep over last night and I worked all day today so I promised her this will be a quick one and I will be back soon so we can cuddle and spend the evening together .


It is HARD.
Priorities are different when your time is so valued by someone other than yourself .
Should I have turned around and went home with her , probably, but I knew I wouldn’t be long and I needed this quiet time to decompress from my day.

My kids will Always come before any run and this is what I am sure every Mother Runner out there has experienced.

How do you balance life, motherhood and running?

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2 comments on “Being a Mother Runner is hard”

  1. Similar thing happened to me today. She saw me putting on my gear and wanted to come with me – we have done that a few times, I jog and she is on her bike. Not usually my best outings but it is time together. Today, I wanted to push myself and go a little faster and farther and I knew she would last. Should I have changed my plans and let her come?? Maybe, maybe I missed a really good bonding time?!?! I don’t know – felt guilty the whole time I was gone – which was only 30 minutes (I am just starting out). So hard sometimes to fit family, work and a little bit of “me” time to recharge …

    • Melissa , I hear ya ! Delaney rode her bike to catch up with me and she was sobbing ! ” I miss you mommy” left me heartbroken . She rode with me for a bit then went home. Being a mom is a full time job on top of all our other jobs! Balance is key

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