Is it simply a habit ?

Or has it become an obsession?

This is a question I’m sure every athlete or just your average joe runner/lifter has asked themselves.

I let my running become my obsession , I planned my routes , I worried about pace , I scheduled my days around when I would get to run and then I realized , I was forgetting about the most important things – Life.
I have a job and a family , they should be my obsession .
The worry about trying to finish off with work because I had to get my scheduled 4 miler in . Missing family meals together because I had to go for a run . Delaying appointments because I needed a long run in the am – Guilty of all these things.

It took an injury for me to realize that my habit had become something more. I sat for 10 days without running and it felt freeing. I woke up and focused on the kids and my career. I wasn’t concerned about the when and where’s I’d need to run . I lived.
I then started my lifting program , to get stronger so that I could be a better runner. But, I would not let it take over my life. I made sure my trips to the gym happened when it was convenient for the whole family.
I started back to running , but not to my obsessed plan that consumed me. I ran when I felt like it and those runs felt good. No pressure .
I will never ever be a fast runner , a winner an elite. I will always be that runner who is smiling and taking pics during a race because those are the memories I want to remember.
As I embark on my Full Marathon in Vegas next month I will enjoy it. I’m not ready , properly trained nor do I have any goals other than to have fun and just live in the moment.
This is My Race My Pace.
I am doing this for me – I am not going to obsess over pace or time goals.

I will continue to run but I plan on doing more endurance races where you just go – run till you set the distance you want . I like the idea of running for fun because that’s the way it should be , for me at least .

Do you obsess over a training schedule?
Do you find that your sport consumes you?
Do you neglect the important things in life because you have to train?

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2 comments on “When Your Habits Become An Obsession.”

  1. Love it, Dawn.. and I think this happens to sooo many of us!!

    I sometimes feel selfish in that my training takes a priority over everything else, but then again I have no real obligations.. I wonder how mothers, parents, people with significant obligations do it!

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