I ran today !
It was my first outdoor “long” run since my hip injury 3 weeks ago. I have been doing some little treadmill runs , highest distance being 5 miles and doing a lot of lifting.

I decided I wasn’t getting up at 5am rather just go when the desire hit me. I headed out at 9 after 2 coffees and some PB toast . I had No Plans or goals ! Just run and hope it doesn’t hurt. If it does hurt , slow down and walk . I have nothing to prove so I wasn’t risking further injury.
My first mile was nice , second alright too

I watched a beautiful sun beam over the water

My pace slowed down after mile 3

I was feeling twitches and tightness in my greater trochanter area so by mile 7 I was walking a lot


I did the last mile and half on the track


I managed a double digit 10 miler ! I was pleased and I didn’t push myself. It felt ok.

I spent the rest of the day ( Thanksgiving) at the pumpkin patch with the kiddos




Then of to the parents for my meat free dinner.


A great day and happy to just be back running even if it is at sloth pace .

How was your weekend friends?
Any races?

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