Again ,
Yes you read that correctly – I am going to embrace my veggie ways again and try to figure out what is happening with my head and body.

You see, I flip flop like a fish outta water on this issue. I do not choose a lifestyle for its moral reasons ( well maybe a little) but merely for the effect it has on my body.
I tried Paleo , Failed!
I tried to eat clean – Failed! Not epically failed but I had moments where I knew what I put in my mouth was not the best choice .
So here I am again pondering. It all happened at 7am today .

I stepped on the scale .

It read 170lbs!


What is happening? I hate this stupid thing , I know this is not Gains , this is Not muscle growth .

My brain is instantly calculating how many more lbs until I see 284 again . I panicked and said enough is enough. I had to make a change and a significant one too.
I need more vegetables , fruit and water ASAP. It worked before it will work again.
Morally I do like being a vegetarian , not because animals are killed , I get that – it happens , people need food.
I do not like the genetically altered antibiotic riddled meat that is factory farmed in our country. I was eating Grassfed beef for the past week or so from a local farmer . That was great.

I spent the day looking back at old race photos , I could clearly pick out the ones where I was a non meat eater – I was leaner . Not as fluffy and puffy.


Photo on the left Veggie
Photo on the right Meat Eater

So here goes my battle with my head over what’s right and what’s not but in the end I know I feel better when I fuel my body with good wholesome vegetables.

But seriously , you know I’m a head case when I choose to do this on Thanksgiving weekend!
To-Furkey it is lol !

Happy Holidays to my fellow Canadians who are celebrating with family .

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