Omg – My freakin body hurts!!!

Seriously , sleeping last night was crazy as every time I rolled over I hurt. My upper body is tore up and that is good because it means my baby muscles are growing.
I seriously thought I was in decent shape before starting this program but I was wrong!

Here is today’s workout Abs & Shoulders


Seated DB press @ 17.5lbs
Standing Db Straight arm front felt raise to a T – 10lbs
Side Lat raise – 10lbs
Seated bent over rear felt raise – 8lbs
Exercise Ball crunch
Air Bike

All done in 3×12 sets/reps

Quick workout that I felt in all my muscles.

Also , my scale stayed the same this am


Meal plan for the day

Meal 1 – large flake oats 3/4 cup , pb and banana
Meal 2 – BSN Syntha 6
Meal 3 – steak, sweet potato
Meal 4 – 3/4 cup greek yogurt, 12 raw almonds
Meal 5 – tortilla , taco meat , sour cream
Meal 6 – 1/2 cup greek yogurt

A high carb day , let’s see what that does to the scale !

Tomorrow is a rest day and I am looking forward to getting some things done around the house , working and just having a relaxing day!

Eat clean , train mean and recover like a Boss !

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