This is not a happy post .

I’m out of commission for 7-10 days due to my tore up old lady hip.

I had a really crappy sleep last night and was up at 430am today , ready to run my scheduled 15 miles.
I was still sore and tight after Friday’s visit to the Chiropractor and Massage Therapist but I was going for a run . I am stubborn.

I knew from the first step it was not going to go well .
I ran a solid 3 miles before I took my first walk break , walking hurt . My right leg kept turning in and my gait was off . Keep on moving I figured . By mile 9 I was battling hard , it took everything in my power to not quit. Mile 11.5 it started pissing down rain and I was ready to cry , I was wet and in pain. I never ever quit and today I had no choice . I was 2.5 miles out from my 15 miles but I just couldn’t do it . I pulled chute!
I finished a very ugly 12.6 miles in 2:57


I was soaked and cold



My splits were atrocious




I came home showered and decided I needed to get this checked out so I went to Emerg.
I was in and out in less than 2 hrs so that was a bonus . Doctor says No Activity for 7-10 days and that means No Running or Walking Dawn !!!
I am horrible at listening but I know I need to this time.

So I will take his advice and couch it until the pain goes away and I feel better , in 7-10 days

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