Training for a marathon is hard, physically and mentally ,but when you physically are injured the mental game increases tri fold.

This is my current dilemma – Am I hurt?

Last year during the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon I got hurt. I was 16km into the race when my entire right side gave out . I thought it was just a calf or foot issue but after visiting the chiropractor and sports therapist it was determined my hip was out of whack.

I went religiously to my therapist and did all my stretches and I got better. Whew !

Fast forward 11 months and guess what – It’s Back.

Dammit , this cannot be happening. This time around it is way worse , before I never felt pain in the hip , just the side effects of it . Not this time , it kills me . Walking is painful , sitting hurts and oddly enough it feels ok when running?

I am seeing the Sports Therapist in the am and my family Dr next week , here’s hoping all is going to be ok and running the Rock N Roll Las Vegas full is on.

I will attempt my 15 miler this weekend and see how it goes , I may be couch bound afterwards but I’m going to try .

How do you all deal with injuries during training? Do you ever use holistic approaches?

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    • Thanks Jen , it seems the harder I train the worse it gets on my body . I am tempted to do No runs during the week and just lift , then do my long run on the weekend? Let’s just see what the therapist says today . Fingers crossed

    • It sucks! My sports therapist worked on it for an hour today , spending time on the hamstrings, quads and glutes. He definitely helped , then my chiropractor worked on it too . I’m sure between the two of them I’ll be fine in no time

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