Now this just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen .

Let’s back it up a bit here . Last week I decided that after my lil ole 3 miler I should do a good leg workout . I felt awesome . I was doing weighted front and back squats , lunges and all things leg related . Boo yeah ! Killed those quads.

Ummmm , duh you big dummy – you have a 14 mile training run Sunday!

Friday am I was walking like I rode a very large horse for hours. Not cool Dawn . These DOM’s were not going away . I woke up Saturday , cross training day , in pain – still . So guess what , no cross training to be had for this girl.
I decided I needed to move and walk off some of this lactic acid build up so I went antique shopping!


I got this beauty cupboard and I love it ! Now while out on this road trip I had to hit up Dooher’s Bakery in Campbellford as they have the very best creme filled donuts in the world.
Yes I cheat , yes sugar kills me but one simply does not go without a donut or 2 or 3.
Dang it , I swear I ate about 4 of them on Saturday and possibly one for breakfast on Sunday am before my long run.
Not my typical pre run toast with PB.
Pay for it ?
Yup , my belly gurgled a lot on this run . My sugar levels were a mess and this was the first time I ever got dizzy during a run. I kept myself hydrated but that sugar kicked my hypoglycemic ass.
My DOM’s were still present when I woke Sunday but once I got moving I felt better .
If I tried to walk during this run , everything started to tighten so I had to keep moving even if it was sloth speed.


I finished those long slow 14 miles and I was so freaking sore the rest of the day !
I tried to keep moving , I was not going anywhere near my foam roller and I took some meds.

So I guess I learned my lesson , Never Ever do a leg day when you have a big run coming up.
Never Ever fuel your run with delicious donuts.

Lessen learned and moving on with training !

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