Head Games , that’s what long runs are all about .


Today was my first ever 13.1 training run . No this wasn’t my first ever 13.1 race , but a long slow distance run .
It started out perfect – I felt great and my morning was gorgeous – see

The temps were great and my body felt good at 2 miles in and I thought this might just be the day I have a good long run . I had most of my route planned out and I ran by the air base and up some pretty country roads

6 miles in and still feeling pretty good , it was around mile 9 that the ole hip started to pull and my lower back started yelling at me . Nope , not quitting . I was trying to tell my head that my body was ok and I was not going home . You see , I was only about a mile and a bit from home and could very easily have said “screw it ” and head home. I pushed through the suck .
I needed to get to the water , it’s my happy place to run . Water Calms Me.
There is something about the endlessness of water that makes me think I can keep going .

I knew that my trail by the water was 3 miles to home and I was pushing 10 miles so I headed straight to the trail , see how pretty it is

All was going well until mile 11 when my back was really convincing my head that I hurt .
Still not quitting – hell I only had 2 more miles – suck it up buttercup!
I told myself over and over – you have done an ultra – you ran/walked 35 freaking miles – don’t be a baby !
So I finished – I wasn’t broken – I wasn’t even that sore – Damn head games !
Look at my splits , I even had some negative ones in there




This was not my fastest 13.1 miles but it wasn’t supposed to be . I’m training for a marathon and we all know that this is a mental game on those long slow runs . Every mile is about getting to the next one and never quitting.


Running makes you learn a lot about yourself and today I learned that I embraced the suck , I pushed through the suck and I am not a quitter .

Run Happy friends

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