Yup – yet again I have failed at something I said I was going to do. I Proclaimed that I , Inkdgirl , was going Paleo! Look out world I’m eating all the beef !

Well , fast forward to today when I ate 2 pieces of pizza and was not ashamed. Yes I said I was following it 80/20 but lately it feels like 20/80!

I suck at this !

Why oh why can I not commit to a lifestyle ?????

Well , I know why and I’m going to tell you .
When you tell yourself that you are No Longer ALLOWED to eat something – what happens ?
You want it more . This is me ! Do not tell me I can’t have sammiches because dammit I love sammiches. Do not tell me I cannot eat beans – I love beans !

I definitely do not like being told what to do .
The only lifestyle I have ever followed and stayed true to for years was when I was a vegetarian . I gave up meat and I was able to go without it . I never craved it ? I never hated myself for disallowing it?
So why am I finding it so hard with carbs?
Do these lil gluten demons creep into your subconscious mind at night and secretly whisper ” eat me , you know you want too ” ?

So what the heck do I do now ?
I can no longer label myself as anything . Then again , I don’t like labels anyways – read this post to better understand Labels and Social Media

So I guess I need to find my way again . Do I entertain the idea of being a vegetarian again ? Do I just focus on food and eating real foods and not processed garbage?
I think we as a culture put too much emphasis on being this or that when all we really need to do is just be individuals.

Today I pledge to myself that I am going to just Be Me . I will not feel guilty for eating oatmeal or toast . I will focus on making myself the best version of me .
I always bring it back to 284lb Dawn and think – she would have eaten that , so 160lb Dawn WON’T !

I promise to longer label my food lifestyle choices , I promise to focus on clean eating and still provide you all with my disturbing yet sometimes edible recipes .

Thank you all for your support .

I confess to eating pizza and I am not sorry .


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    • Oh Mitzi , if only it were easy. So many ideas out there – high protein low carb , Paleo , vegan ??? I guess I just need to find what works for me

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