I have always used Hal Higdon training plans and I still am . Yes I alter it to suit my needs but I am doing pretty good. But , it’s hard , like really hard . I do believe that running and training for a marathon is 90% mental and right about now I’m 50% mentally prepared.
I am on week 8 of 18 and it looks like this

I am switching things up a bit and hitting up my local GoodLife Fitness for my training runs and cross training. I like the change of scenery and this place fits the bill .
Yesterday I ran my scheduled 3 miler , it looked like this

Not epic ! I no longer have those 7-8 min/miles in me .
Today I ran my 6 miler on the mill and it was also slower than normal


I’m not going to let this discourage me , I’m ok with slow , but my concern is the 5 hr time limit for the Rock N Roll Las Vegas full – eek ! I’ll never make it at this pace !

I want to continue cross training and I’m looking at hitting up a spin class at GoodLife Fitness , a real class not just me spinning . The energy and pace of this class intrigues me.

So tomorrow it’s another mill session and weights , focusing on upper body and core .

I just gotta keep telling myself – My Race My Pace – just keep going Dawn !

How’s your training going and which races are you training for ? Let me know and remember – We Got This !

Disclosure: This post and future posts regarding Goodlife Fitness are being written as part of the Goodlife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program.

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