True story , can you even believe that a Non Crossfitter would even consider this lifestyle ?

So let’s back it up a bit though – way back when I WAS doing Crossfit I was a vegetarian . I know right, but being in this atmosphere led me to believe I had to eat meat . I thought that with all this lifting , surely I was not getting adequate amounts of protein from my legumes , veggies and shakes. So I began a semi Paleo lifestyle , by semi I mean – I cheated . Let’s be real here , I am No Cavewoman ! I love bread and grains and oatmeal – one simply cannot live without this stuff . Surprisingly enough , you actually can . I have yet to figure that one out .

I applied many of the principles of Paleo but found myself still craving those yummy delicious carbs . I 100% justified it because I am a runner , and everyone knows – Runners Need Carbs!

So what happened , I got Fat !
Well , fluffy really . I have been pondering how to get back to the basics and from experience I know that when I increase my protein and veggies and limit my carbs and sugar – I feel better.
So , here I am again .
Pondering the Paleo lifestyle ( not diet)

If you are unfamiliar with it , basically you follow these principles


If you do these things , you will have the following benefits


Sounds easy enough right? We shall see ! This bread loving runner will cheat , that I know but I will try .

My day 1 looked like this


Bacon , 2 eggs cooked in butter and half a sweet potato .


Kale salad with unapproved poppyseed dressing . Fail #1



Steak , 1/2 sweet potato and kale salad with balsamic vinegar.

I think I did pretty darn good .

So tell me , do you follow a lifestyle , diet or specific meal plan to attain your goals?

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