OMG – this happened tonight and it was ah ma zing!!

So easy and simple , my kinda meal and here is how it went down

I used lean ground beef , about 2lbs as I was making a ton of it , cooked it and drained it . Added 2 packages of low sodium Taco Seasoning and 1.5 cups of water .

I added in 1/2 cup of salsa as well , let simmer.

Then microwave a big ole sweet potato for about 6 minutes.
Slice open lengthwise and mash up the innards


Top with meat mixture and this


Trust me , the Helluva Good Dip is good , a great sub for sour cream .
End result is this


Or you can deconstruct it , mash it all together and eat with Tostitos


You Are Welcome !!!

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