My beautiful daughter and I headed out to Mt Morris Michigan this past weekend to run the Warrior Dash

She is fit and capable of tackling all these obstacles and I was happy to have her by my side.
We started off , cute and clean


The obstacles were pretty much the same as last year , trench crawls , mud , rain , fire jumping – But the second to last one kicked my ass , literally

No big deal right , it’s just a slide!
WRONG – this slide launches you into the air and into a tiny pool of muddy water . I landed not so gracefully in my tailbone and smashed it!
Damn that hurt !
Final obstacle is always the crawl under barbed wire mud crawl . You get ridiculously dirty after this one!

We met a group of 3 fellas and ran the race with them , they were great and we had a blast chatting them up.


We donated our shoes post race , like always , not bringing these home!

I ate my turkey leg , well not really , just a few bites – mostly just a photo op


A good day!

This run also completed week 2 of my Marathon Training plan. All is going well so far!
Today is a rest day so I’m taking advantage of that so I can take care of my tailbone!

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