Ok , let’s back track first ..

I just bought a new pair of Mizuno Wave Paradox for training and I love them , but I noticed a pain on my inner foot on my last run . It was a goofy kind of pain that was more nagging than painful. Also known as , it didn’t cause me to stop.

So I started asking myself “Are these really the right shoe for me” ?

Yes I have had my gait analyzed , yes I overpronate , yes I’m a heel striker and yes I am a heavy footed runner . My running store suggested Brooks Adrenaline , so I bought them. I really did not like them in the beginning, they just felt way too heavy and bulky.
However they were 1 of the 2 shoes I wore during last months RUTS ultramarathon.

So , I asked my Mizuno peeps which is the newest stability shoe on the market?
Enter Wave Paradox , so I Amazon’d a pair (ended up paying way more than I should have – customs! )
I have been wearing them only a few weeks and they are good , but not great .

Sooooooooo , I remember all my conversations with my Run it Fast peeps who just happen to be rockstar runners (Kristy and Joshua) and they are both fans of Hoka shoes.
I have been researching them online and knew I had to get a pair on my feet.
I am currently in NY for a 4 yr post op visit with my Weight Loss Surgeon ( yeah I’m up 5lbs from last year – dammit) and I visited the local running store here – The Sneaker Shop .
These guys are great here , bought my Sayonara’s from them last year, and they totally helped me out with my purchase.


I tried on both the Conquest and Bondi models. They both felt great , yes I contemplated buying both , I did not !
I was lucky that the store owner is a Hoka fan and he schooled me in the product.
The price point was $149 for the Bondi and $169 for the Conquest , price wasn’t a factor for me , I seriously walked around the store with 1 of each shoe on .
Side note – I was filmed by the local TV station as the Boilermaker 15k race is being held Sunday , so I guess I’m famous now!

So what did I pick ?



Love !!!!!
I did not pick these because they were cheaper , I picked them because they are purple , my favorite color! Seriously !

I really was scared of these shoes and wasn’t sure how they’d feel on but walking in them I loved them.

I can’t wait to get home and take them on a run ! These will be my RnRLV shoes that I train and race in !

Happy Hoka Day for Dawn


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