Why is it so dang easy to fall off the wagon on the weekends?
The BBQ’s , the sammiches, the tortilla chips and salsa – Damn you all to Hell!
I was doing ok on Friday , I made the most amazing steak for supper


De freakin liscious!

I had so much leftover I had steak and eggs for breakkie , fried in butter of course


Then came supper , grilled up some Italian sausages and had to have it on a bun!


Then I drank Beer , a very bad carb!

Woke up Sunday am and ate donuts with my coffee! I had been craving one all week!

Tonight’s din din was pretty awesome , and not low carb !


Pasta salad , hamburger on a bun and scallops! Not low carb but so dang delish!

Here’s how I make my scallops



Sautée minced garlic in butter


I used frozen scallops , let them thaw first . Add to butter garlic mix.
Cook for about 5 mins until no longer opaque.
Monday is a new day and I will refocus and regroup and concentrate on more protein and good carbs.

I just can’t eliminate foods from my life as I only crave them more!

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