Yeah you read that right


I am allowed to call myself fat because I know Fat , remember I used to look like this

So why do I think I’m fat again , because I have gotten too fluffy for my liking. I got too comfortable. I had my first WLS in 98 then a revision in 10 and when I had that revision I changed my lifestyle completely because I was not going to fail at this lifestyle I wanted so very bad.
Now you see , I became a vegetarian and quit booze and began running – what happened ?
Well I lost 144lbs , went down to my lowest weight of 140lbs .
I am not there anymore! I am now sitting at 160lbs and yes I do attribute some of that to muscle mass due to lifting BUT it is also Fat! My muffin top has returned and I am not a fan!
So what happened ? Well , I started eating meat again, drinking and just eating whatever the hell I wanted – I’m hi cupcakes. I completely did not follow my WLS guidelines .
I am still running and training but it is so true that eating clean and properly is where abs are made – in the kitchen.
Now you see I am not blaming meat on my weight gain , but my habits when I consume meat are the problem. I eat a piece of meat and I am full , therefore no veggies are consumed – due to my restricted tummy space!
So clearly eliminating meat will allow me to get my veggie intake back up!
I also realize I have let way too much sugar back into my diet , because this happened

Yeah , nice little hypoglycemic attack after consuming improper food choices! Bad idea!
So there really is only one way to fix this problem and it begins with me going back to what worked in the first place – becoming this again

I know how to do this and I just need focus again . I will get back down to my goal weight of 140lbs again and I will be strong. No more cupcakes , less beer and more focus on healthy and clean eating!

Easy peasy right !

If I start to fail I’m counting on you guys to kick me in the ass!
Let’s get healthy together , we all can do this

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    • Thanks girlfriend , I gotta just get back to the old days ! Do what works and is proven . Also something I enjoy , eating veggies! I will miss the BBQ and all it’s goodness but now I’ll grill veggies.

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