You know , sometimes you just have to take a run and enjoy it with the kids.
Tonight I had plans , they looked like this


All because of this amazing read


Mini diva , on her bike , and I walked to the local track with high intentions of me running track intervals at a set pace. A first for me . This book is making me realize I do not push myself and I like to be comfortable.

We get to the track just as 20 kids show up for practice , not cool . They refused to clear the lanes , were running all willy nilly around so we booked it!
Mini diva is great to run with , so we decided screw this and let’s hit the roads! We did a decent run then we hit up the track at her school to finish of our 5k jaunt

She thoroughly enjoys our time together , just her and I!
It wasn’t fast , we talked and had quality time together – that makes it worth it!
To me , getting outside and playing/talking to your kids only instills a greater appreciation for fitness and activity.
They see you do it , they do it.

This is a map of our fun tonight.

The splits not awesome , the company – perfect


There will always be another night to work on those intervals , but for today , I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

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  1. That’s pretty freaking awesome. Spending time with your kids, getting out and being active, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine… and pushing your limits. Get UN-comfortable and find what REALLY makes you tick.

    Technology is great to help analyze our progress – and you’ve got some amazing tools at your disposal. And all because you’re a great runner (albeit a self-diagnosed turtle at times!), a great mom, and we’re all pretty proud of the work you do on (and with) yourself. Great job Dawn!! =)

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