So much awesomeness happened today and I need to share!

I am NOT a fast runner , ever , BUT today I was a god damn Kenyan ! Ok not really but I sure felt like it .

I woke up knowing I needed to get a run in and due to scheduling and kids It had to be at the gym , totally ok with that.

I had no distance goals set for today , it was one of those just go get it done.

I put my Yurbuds in hit my Nike Plus app and set out !

Then this happened

Are you freaking kidding me , almost a 7 min mile and this was mile 2 !
I kept going , I felt awesome and then this happened


What the eff! I almost started balling on the mill , Dawn Marie does not run a sub 25 min 5k – EVER!
I kept going , I finished a 6.2 mile , 10k, run in 52 freakin minutes – another record broken! My fastest prior to that was 56 min


Here’s a look at all my 8 min splits



I am absolutely counting my blessings as this maybe a once in a lifetime event for this turtle!
But today , I am OWNING this PR! It’s mine , I kicked ass and I win !
Maybe this is my new lucky shirt


So all my fellow turtles out there , when life gives you a victory like this Own It! We train hard for victories like this and if I had a medal I’d proudly wear it on my neck all day long!

Run IT Fast my friends!

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