Oh Dear Lord – last week was one of those weeks!

I returned home from Kentucky , post 23k trail race , late Monday night and was super confused as to time / date etc! I was in a different time zone , then we had Daylight Savings so I had no freaking idea what was going on!

It was back to the mom life on Tuesday , kids were on March break so at least we got to sleep in, but that meant my usual gym routine was amiss!

I Failed at my Nike training for the week. Total mileage last week


6 freaking miles ! Wow , I did do some lifting though so it wasn’t a complete fail!

I also ate my fat a** off too

Yeah , that’s a hugh Jass chocolate chip cookie covered in whip cream!
Urgh – there was definitely a sugar coma after mini diva and I killed that cookie!

BUT , this is a new week and new weeks are time to make changes!
Kids are back in school and routines are back in place so I was able to get to the gym before work today! This makes for a happy Dawn !



My run was great today , still on the mill though, and I am back to my usual pace goals ( which are not fast )

My lifting is focusing on upper body a lot more and I’m desperately trying to get me some summer biceps and shoulders! Hey , tank too weather is coming up – someday!

I am also going to be cleaning up the food issues as they have been horrific lately , I can’t even tell you when I had a sweet potato – it has been so long .

Next race is in 40 days


Let’s do this !!
Stay focused , stay strong and don’t quit !

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