I freaking did it !

This weekend I travelled all the way to Grand Rivers Kentucky to run the Land Between the Lakes 23k trail race with a handful of my Run it Fast peeps.

My lil journey started on Thursday when I flew into Paducah on this big jet liner


I actually took a real plane to Chicago then connected on this bad boy!
Realizing the amount of snow and Ice still on the ground here in Kentucky made me shake my head – No I left Canada to get away from this !

We got together the night before for a dinner that my dear friend Donna organized for us RIF’ers . It was at Patti’s and it was great . We all laughed and told stories and I made some amazing friends in real life now.

I laid out Flat Dawn

Tried to sleep , didn’t happen then got up and ate my usual oatmeal / banana /peanut butter breakfast !

We all met at the start line for a RIF group photo

Gun time was 630 am sharp , and we were off! We started on the road for about 2 miles before we entered the trails.
Then it was chaos , there were so many people and one tiny little trail , until it opened up about a mile in. The trails in the beginning were mostly snow covered


However , that did not last long! It turned to slush , muck and more muck! My feet were absolutely drenched!
I was feeling really strong 5 miles in , this is where we had an aid station and hit the back side of the trail – the part with the hills!

I found Donna here and we pretty much ran the next half of the race together . It was great , we chatted and talked up a storm.

Then I got wet and muddy and hit a small wall. Those up hills were killer and my feet were freezing. But , I totally did not complain because the course was just beautiful and I was happy to be outside.


At about 12 miles we came back out to the road and I finally got some pics of the lake



I saw the finish line and booked it for a finish time of 3:10:13


Took my shoes and socks off



Drive back to the hotel barefoot , showered , met Donna for a fabulous burger lunch then waited for my guys to finish!
The boss man RIF #1 Joshua Holmes made us all proud by finishing the 50 miler in treacherous conditions!


A great day with some great people . I can’t wait to come back in June for RUTS !



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  1. Congrats!!!! Looks tough but all that training finally paid off!!

    And what a cutie in the last pic.. 😉

    Nicely done, Dawn!! Keep inspiring me!!!!

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