Week 2 and I have not faltered from the plan at all! I haven’t switched up training days or slacked on mileage , I’ve done it all to a T !


I want to run this race strong but I am not worrying myself with PR’s or race goals , I just want to run injury free.

When I first downloaded the Nike app for the WerunDC race is was a bit worries that the mileage seemed kinda high , could I really do this without risking injury?
I told myself to follow it and if it becomes a chore or seems to be too much , then I can back off.

Has not happened yet , I know I know it’s only been 2 weeks but I’m sticking with it .

Here is a look at my runs this past week



My treadmill runs have been great and have allowed me to run a little faster than normal . Today’s long run was outside and it was Epic!! Not because I was fast , which I wasn’t , but because I was outside and the sun was out and it wasn’t freezing. My lungs have longed for fresh air and I sucked it back as hard as I could! I ran a totally new route which was great , down some country roads , and it allowed my mind to wander. No cars , no people just lots of animal tracks and peace and quiet.


I managed my required 31 miles for the week and feel great .


This week calls for the same mileage with 1 less run . A lovely 10 miler is on tap for next weekend!

Now my body is looking forward to a complete rest day tomorrow watching some Olympic hockey and major lounging!

Hope you all have had a great week of running too!

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