I’ve been slacking lately on the workout posts but trust me , they are being done !
If you follow my Instagram feed (Inkdgirl) you will see the proof!

Running has been amazing lately , even though they have been mostly dreadmill runs!


I’ve been able to keep a nice steady 9min/mile pace and that is ok with me . I am no sub 2 hr half marathoner and that is ok because it’s my race – my pace!
Yesterday was so amazing outside I had to attempt a run , the icy sidewalks have deterred me as I rolled my ankles a few weeks ago and hurt my foot!

2 adays!!!!

I ran 3.5 at the gym yesterday , rode 10 miles then did an outdoor 4 miler and my lungs thanked me! It was still icy in spots but I just needed fresh air ! Oh man I miss running outside!

I also bought me a Spin bike for the house because I just love to spin!

Yes it is right in my living room as opposed to the basement where my weights are – because I wouldn’t use it if it were down there!
Sunday I rode 12k while the fam jam and I watched an episode of Sons Of Anarchy ! Easy peasy , no excuses!
My typical gym routine as of late has been a lot of upper body work, my legs are well taken care of with the running and spinning, however last week I did this leg workout


OMG – I couldn’t walk for 4 days!!! Stairs killed me!

So this week has been a lot of push presses, barbell bicep curls, tricep extensions , hammer curls and AB work .

So as you can see I’m still here , still giving it all I got and I’m going to be ready for my first race of the year in March!

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