My 5th half!

Wow, considering I ran my first one in April 2012 , then ran 3 total this year I’d say I’m actually a runner.

I still remember that first one like it was yesterday – I was so ill prepared. I trained on a treadmill running 5k distances and having never run further than a 10k prior to it ! My time 2:30

My next one was December 2012 in Vegas ( my fav race so far) and I actually trained hard for it . I ran in the cold snow crap weather just to do it right , time 2:26


I was kinda disappointed that I trained my butt off and only managed a 4 min PR! Was I doing it right? Training hard enough?

Next one – Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon – May 2013
This one I did NOT train for ! I was heavy into Crossfit at the time and completely neglected the running. I was worried that this was going to be ugly! Plus I went out and got hammered the night before the race ! Never a good idea

But guess what ??? I PR’d the damn thing by 8 seconds – HAHA ! 2:26 and change! I thought seriously ? Do I even need this damn 12 weeks training ?

Enter race # 4 – Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon . I trained for 11 long hot summer weeks for this one. Completely quit Crossfit just to be sure that I was dedicated! I got hurt! My hips gave out at 16k BUT I still managed a 2 min PR ! For realz!! I have no idea what the heck I’m doing but it works! Time 2:24


So , a mere 4 weeks later I’m running the Rock n Roll Las Vegas half. My longest run between these has been 6.5 miles , due to injury.
I have been rehabbing and staying strong so we shall see what happens! I hold out no high hopes but with the way my races have been going who the heck knows? I may just PR the damn thing! Fingers crossed!

So now I start to pack and try to figure out which shoes won’t kill my foot , might just have to wear the “retired” Mizunos because wearing new ones is a major faux pas!

Wish me luck

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