You know what , I don’t let a lot of things bother me , I’m a pretty tough chick! BUT this dickhead left a comment on my blog today I figured I would share


Well for starters douchebag – learn how to spell before you start spewing venom!
Secondly , take a minute to read the damn blog and realize I have lost the equivalent of a small human!
Thirdly , if you are really that bored and trolling websites looking to stir shit , then you rattled the wrong cage pal!
Sorry John Doe but I have dealt with haters like you all my life , and I actually thank you – because of your ignorance and stupidity – you have made me a more confident – stronger being !
Your words don’t hurt me , but what does hurt is that what if you sent that to the wrong person ? Someone who isn’t as strong as me , who does lack self esteem ? What would you have done to that poor persons soul?

I don’t think you care though?

So my message to you John Doe is this – there is a special place in Hell for you asshole !

Cheers Dickhead!

14 comments on “Some people Suck!”

  1. Ewwwww don’t let him bother you! Use it as fuel to keep crushing your goals! ROCK it out Dawn you are above this crap. And you’re right some people just suck and try to suck you down too.. rise above!

    • Can you even imagine that someone has this kind of time on their hands? How about putting your negative energy into something positive? I guess he isn’t a very happy person! He will only inspire me to keep at it and rock it out even harder!

    • Thank you Janelle, yes douchebag would be the correct term ! A poor sad excuse who is hiding behind a keyboard spewing venom! He won’t get me down , I have all you awesome peeps who keep cheering me on! Yeah for positive energy!

  2. To call him a douchebag would imply that he could anywhere near a vagina. Asshole would be more appropriate since he’s full of shit.
    Haters be hatin’. You’re beautiful, Dawn, and a total inspiration!

  3. Dawn, you’re amazing, beautiful, inspirational and…….one HOT mama!! I can’t believe the audacity of such a negative, hurtful comment from that ASSwipe! Too much time on his hands!

  4. Do not let him even raise your blood pressure. Notice how he remains anonymous by calling himself “John Doe” instead of fessing up who he is. What the F*CK is wrong with him? And I mean that in the actual question. Why is he parading around the anonymity instead of letting you know who he (or she) really is?

    From one runner to another, all I have to say is that you are awesome and keep those beats coming!

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