I LOVE October!

Pumpkins, turkey dinner , the crisp autumn air — I could go on forever! There is nothing more magical than setting out for a long run when the air is brisk and leaves crunch under your feet!

I am going to challenge you this month to step out of your comfort zone and take on a month long Squat Challenge with me


This month we will be doing 100 squats per day , break it up into 10’s, 25’s what ever feels comfortable for you!
You can do air squats, front squats or back squats with weights or just a bar! Challenge yourself!


I plan on mixing it up by doing a set of each !

Remember to get deep, below parallel for this challenge, I wanna see that butt almost to the floor!

The beauty thing about this challenge is you can do it anywhere – see


I just banged out 50 in my office between calls!

Tonight I’ll finish off with 25 weighted front and 25 weighted back squats in the Garage gym!

Feel free to leave me comments on how you will take on this challenge with me!


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