Today I am a very Proud Ambassador!

I received a free bag of Bits for helping others learn about the mega powers of Spirulina and Chlorella Algae!

Energybits are pure Spirulina – read more here to learn about it

I have been taking my Bits for the past year and I have not once gotten a cold or the flu! I also take my Bits before every run or strenuous workout. You do not need to be a super athlete to be #Poweredbybits – they are for everyone who wants to benefit from these little green goddesses!

For my free bag I chose Recoverybits – why ? Well I have been super stressed out and not sleeping and these little gems are going to help me detoxify my body and blood! Read more here

I will still be taking my 30 Energybits prior to a workout and I plan to start and end my day with 20 Recoverybits!

So how can you become super powered like me ????

Easy peasy – just go to

Energybits website

Pick out whichever product suits your lifestyle , then when you go to checkout use the code

To save 20 % on your order!

Whoo hooo right!

I would not be repping this brand if I didn’t believe in it and it has gotten me through 3 half marathons,lots of other obstacle/mud runs and kept me from getting sick!

So go on people , lets all be


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