Yes , it is the best meal of the day!

We all know that skipping this meal is Wrong! We need to feed our body fuel to jump start our metabolism for the day.

What I want to know is –

What is your breakfast staple?
Do you eat cereal?
What about oatmeal?
Eggs a go to?

I myself do not eat boxed cereal ever! For me it isn’t real food and I really do not know what makes up those flakes?

I love my slow cooked oats for winter breakfast! They cook overnight in the crockpot and are ready to eat by morning!

I will post some recipes soon!

I also love sweet potatoes for breakfast! I simply peel one , thinly slice into rounds and sautée in coconut oil with a splash of cinnamon!


Staple breakfast for me is this


2 eggs , a slice of bacon cut up into the omelette with a side of avocado!

And of course ketchup !

This keeps me full till late morning when I have a snack of fruit and cheese (get that protein) before I start thinking about lunch!

So make sure you are eating your breakfast people – try and focus on protein to keep you full , and don’t forget to hydrate!!

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