DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness , sounds pretty minor right ? WRONG!!!

These bad boy pains hurt like heck!
They are also referred to as “muscle fever” – well baby I got a high temp cuz I’m all Feverish over here.

DOMS can be felt several hours to days after strenuous activities.
They are a symptom of exercise induced muscle damage according to Wikipedia.

I woke up this morning and pretty much rolled myself outta bed because my upper body couldn’t lift me up. We have had some pretty decent lifts this week including Thruster, Power Cleans Squat Cleans etc. My arms are toast! I was tempted to drink my coffee with a straw because picking up the cup was too heavy!

So I figured if it already hurts might as well keep those muscles hot rather than rest them – already sounds like a bad idea right!

I went back for a noon WOD today thinking we will probably be doing box jumps , sit ups etc because its already been a heavy week- wrong again!
Here was warm up
Barbell Complex 45lbs
6 jerk pop
6 press
6 push press
6 front squats
6 deadlifts
5 rounds!!!!!

Help me lord Jesus! Then the skill was Push Press 2-2-2-2-2 maxing out
Well lets just say I maxed out at 85lbs pretty quick! But wait , we still had a WOD , this one

Yeah , you read that right 150 deadlifts at 95lbs and 150 push ups!
Kill me now! I banged out those deadlifts because they are my fav and that wasn’t heavy for me , but 150 push ups on burnt out arms was brutal!
I finished this one 15:16 time.
I then treated myself to a free Venti SF Mocha frappe at the Bux

Came home and parked myself on the lounge chair


Posed for a few fan shots , ok kidding , just a shameless progress pic


Then I figured I owed myself a nice cheat meal so I made up a huge tray of Nachos, made with ground turkey !


Now I’m going to wash down a few Advil and Tylenol to try and calm these DOMS down a bit . Oh and I am taking a rest day tomorrow, really I am , I promise!

Cheers friends

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