What a great race! I loved this course and the people I met! Lets back up though and start from the beginning!
I arrived in Michigan Friday , no problems at the border except for the couple 2 cars ahead of me who were put in handcuffs! Eek!
I made it to my hotel in about 6 hours and had to wait for these guys to get outta my way
Think I brought them from Canada with me
I was early to check in so I figured I might as well shop! Look what I got!
MIZUNO LOVE!! Yes I did need another pair! I’m going to train for my next 2 half marathons in these!
I then checked in to my room, Priority Member perks, hugh Jass bed !

Took myself out for a romantic carbo load supper at PF Changs, and dined on edamame , chicken lettuce wraps and lo mein!
Tried on my race shirt – which I love by the way! So beachy and fun!
Then I laid out my race outfit – basic black for me

Tucked myself into bed be ause I had an early wake up !
5am came pretty quick! Time fuel up on my race staple breakfast – oatmeal, banana, PB and a Vega pre workout drink

All ready !

I finally met up with my ladies – Lisa from @runfastmama and Jen from @winetoweightlifting
And the rest of the Detroit Twitter running crew

Now this course was a Realtors dream – we ran through half million dollar neighborhoods and I was pricing houses in my head as I ran! The course was super hilly and pretty tough but I never gave up and I wanted a good time! I got it – I was sub 60 minutes at 6.2 miles and crossed the finish line at 6.3 miles time 1:01
I felt great , legs were strong and nothing hurt!
Then I wanted to wait and cheer Jen on when she crossed – she did amazing and I am so proud of her
She ran the whole race – no walking !! Yeah!
After the race I grabbed my bagel, water and a banana and said good bye to my friends! Look how cute my medal is
Now I was off for some much deserved pampering – pedicure time!
Then I shopped till I dropped!! I grabbed some great deals!

A great day , a great weekend !
Thank you my Michigan Friends!

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    • I had a few minutes to spare between shopping sprees to update! Lol , I look forward to reading yours! Pleasure to meet you today!

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