Today I met my match, it came in the form of a WOD! It looked a little something like this.

As you can see this is a ladder WOD, you start at 18 reps of each of the three moves- then go down by 3
18-15-12 etc!
I also did this one at the RX weight of 55lbs

So once you get through 18 thrusters you then have 18 hollowrocks – which suck! Heres a video ,looks easy but kills the lower back and abs!

Then you move onto shoot thru’s
These suck!!! You have 2 PVC contraptions that you do a push up on , shoot your legs thru and do a dip, then shoot back
Here’s how they are supposed to look

So there was a 30 minute time cap, yes I used every single one of those minutes but I did not finish! I got finished 10 rounds, which meant I made it thru to 12 on the up ladder. I did not start 15 reps.

This is how I looked afterwards


EVERYTHING hurt!! My wrists were taped but once I finished I could barely write my name on the board! I drank my aminos and protein and vibrated the whole ride home!

Good thing I had an amazing supper waiting , the ultimate comfort food – Sheperds Pie!


Now I’m slathering old girl cream (A535) everywhere and praying for a decent sleep!

Until tomorrow when I do it all over again, WHY – because it’s Crossfit and this is what WE DO!!

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    • Hate hollow rocks and shoot thrus!! Thrusters I can deal with, but man we did a lot that day!! Last nights WOD was brutal too, 30 hammer swings on the tire, 200m run and 20 o/h squats with the hammer… For 10 ROUNDS!!! Urgh!

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