Last night at 8pm the second round of the games were announced 13.2

This is what it entails for us lady lifters


Not too scary, right? We shall see…. I am not too worried about the 5 shoulder presses, here I am easily lifting 55lbs


Yes I know 20 additional pounds makes a HUGE difference. We had a WOD the other day that included 20 push presses at 65lbs and I did those , but I am def practicing these lifts for the rest of the week!

Deadlifts – YES!!! My most fav lift ever and at 75lbs this will be the easiest part of 13.2 for me.


There I am dead lifting 205lbs! Love it!!

Now , box jumps are NOT my fav! I currently use the baby 10in box due to a big ole scrape I got when trying to jump on the “big girl” box! I will do these jumps at 20in because I have too for the WOD, I may just be wrapped in bubble wrap for it!

So to all my girls competing , WE got this !! Keep practicing, keep lifting heavy and Never Ever give Up!!!


I went to my home Crossfit Belleville for my usual 5pm class and tonight we were practicing 13.2.

I grabbed my bar , loaded it with the required RX weight of 75lbs… Then tried to press it.. Nope wasn’t happening ???? What the deuce??? Pick this bar up Dawn!!!!!

I just could not do it, but Coach came over and told me to jerk it.. I did and low and behold I got it up! Now I cannot do 5 straight presses at once. I need to drop it and reset. This is going to slow me down but I don’t care, I just want to get it done and enter my scores.

The deadlifts were easy peasy and thank god we get to set up to the box for the box jumps! Whew!!!

So how did I do,


122 reps, RX!!

I will take it for a practice round. Now I wait for Saturday am to do my actual WOD and keep my fingers crossed for a great finish!

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