I love soup! I also love easy peasy soup that cooks all day on the stove and is ready for you at supper time. Here is how my soup Rocks!

Chicken Soup ( with Paleo options)

2 whole chickens ( leftovers)
2 potatoes diced ( sweet potatoes for Paleo)
Diced celery
Diced onion
Diced carrots
Diced red peppers
Italian seasoning
Broken up gluten free noodles ( I used fettuccine )
Salt and pepper


This was the basis of the soup. I just boiled the bones and meat for 2 hours to get a yummy broth. I use a spaghetti pot so I can just pull the chicken right out to let it cool to touch.


Doesn’t this broth look delish


Add your diced veggies to the broth


Add seasonings


A finally… Supper is served!!!


8 comments on “Chicken soup – Paleo and Non Paleo options”

  1. I LOVE chicken soup!! Love it better with noodles, but again that whole paleo thing gets in the way 😉 My mom makes THE BEST chicky noodle soup, and my dad used to make homemade noodles.. yum.
    But now, I just have chicken soup (sans noodles), and often just drink bone broth.. YUM.. You can re-use those bones to make another batch of just broth, too! Just add some veggies and season, then strain it all out to leave you with broth!

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