This is a very different post from me, not really a rant but more of a Who am I?


Do you not find that we are so overwhelmed with labeling who we are in our social media circles? I do, and by that I mean are you vegan,vegetarian,a weightlifter, a runner, a marathoner, a Crossfitter or a blogger? Once we Think we have established who we are , do we then feel guilty for straying from our labels?

It’s a dilemma for me because I have some very distinct labels placed upon myself on my social media pages, I am a veggie fueled runner – BUT now I am passionate about doing Crossfit so does that make me less of a runner? Do I now lose the following of my runner friends? Things like this go through my mind, am I no longer part of one community because I have joined another?

My other issue is with being a vegetarian , I love plants and I love veggies, but I have introduced eggs back into my diet, so have I failed the vegetarian community now? Can I no longer “name” or “label” myself one? If so, I feel a sense of loss, like now I can pipe up and say “oh I’m a vegetarian” because I eat eggs. Do I now just become plain old me because I’ve stripped myself of labels in the big old world of social media?

So many questions today, I feel as though I should just rewrite my bio’s on every page removing all labels of who I think I need to be, in order to fit in with a community. I feel I need to just write about who Dawn is and what she likes as opposed to who she thinks she Should be, in order to fit in.

The business of labeling is a tricky one and the feelings of loss when removing such labels is overwhelming. If I decide I want to eat meat again I almost think I should never post about it for fear of backlash from the veggie community. I realize , to each his own, but when you have applied a label / stigma to yourself are you meant to forever be that label, without consequence?

So this post is not a rant, but merely an internal issue I deal with. One that makes me go hmmm
In order to right any wrong, here is who I Dawn Marie really am

Dawn Marie – I am a 42 year old mother of 3 amazing children, I have taught each of them to respect other people,they know their manners. I am a woman who loves to workout, either running,Crossfit, rowing, walking or lifting weights. I am a hard worker, who sells Real Estate, I eat veggies every single day. I get lots of sleep and am peaceful with myself. I have no regrets. I live everyday like its a new one.

That just about sums me up, no need for labels…


, I’ve


11 comments on “Labels and Social Media=Overwhelming!”

  1. Love ya, girl.. This is great! 🙂

    I agree with the labels.. I think it’s unintentional, but we do like to box ourselves into one category or another. Fortunately, I don’t think I’ll stray from lifting, so you will never see me wanting to change my blog to running.. hehe. But I am so proud of you expanding beyond running, and super excited to see where Crossfit takes you!!

    You’re awesome in my book, either way!

    • Thank YOU!!! You rock.. I’m just tired of saying, “I can’t or I won’t because I’m this” anymore… It’s time to just be me and if the world likes me.. I’m good!! I will never stray from Crossfit either , I’m addicted!

  2. I completely know what you mean! It’s hard – those descriptions are so short, so it almost turns into a series of labels.

    Instead saying “I’m a runner who dabbles in a lot of other things, like yoga, and weights, and kickboxing, but really only takes running seriously, but has fun doing other things” (granted, that’s poorly written, but you get my point).

    I say:

    “I’m a runner”.

    Frustrating – not sure I have the answer either!

    • Thank you ! Yes I deleted IG as I was just posting everything to Twitter anyways . Now I just have that and Facebook , trying to make life more simple and less complicated

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