Week 2 and my fourth WOD… Can you say LOVE IT!!!

I am feeling the beginnings of an addiction and I will make time for this workout every week. I love the intensity, the fast paced WOD’s and the trainers are amazing at my box – Crossfit Belleville. They motivate each and every one of us, there are always high fives and shouts to never quit! I love it. I am usually that voice in my head telling myself to never give up, but now I have a real live person telling me! That rocks..

Here is tonight’s WOD , it was a good one


Here is how I did


Not too shabby for a tore up 42 year old runner I’d say! I like to think I have this going on


So now that I have my Aminolast recovery drink in, veggies in my belly … I need to sleep and dream of my next WOD destruction!

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