No Meat Taco Wraps

I love taco salad. I have admitted it, I am owning the title of addict but there are days when my taco salad needs to be a little “beefier” (seriously it’s veggie, there is no beef). By beefier I mean, hearty, filling and get me through the afternoon. So, I make these!

Taco Flatout Wraps
1 Flatout Wrap
1 box of Fantastic Foods Taco Filling ( or you carnivores can use plain old taco meat)
1 bag of frozen Southwest blend veggies
2 tbsp salsa
cheese shreds
sour cream

Vegan Taco Filling

Thats it, if you have taco meat ready simply assemble and eat. My taco filling takes approximately 5 min to make. You simple heat up 1 3/4 c water, add mix,add veggies, add salsa and bang done! Easy Peasy ( sense a theme here?)

“Meat” mixture

Assembly is key, you can’t over stuff them or you are just going to have a big old mess.. I used spinach for my lettuce, added meat mixture, some leftover rice, sour cream, cheese and rolled it up!

Roll it up

To my vegan peeps out there, Daiya is a great cheese sub as you all know- so just use that and of course omit the sour cream!

Now go get eating your lunch because you need to workout later!

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